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Rams Athletics

Riverside High School


Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Announcements and Important Events


Below are some important announcements/updates on ticket procedures for this year:

1) Season Pass Holders

A) You must redeem a ticket for each individual event.  Just showing your season pass on your phone does not gain entry- YOU MUST HAVE YOUR TICKET "REDEEMED" by a ticket taker for each individual event. 

B) Please transfer your season pass to your individual family members before entry.  Click here for instructions-  Transferring season passes to family members.  This is helpful if you are not entering the event together as a family at the same time.  Important- Make sure each family member has a TicketSpicket account already created before you transfer.

2) To purchase season passes please use this link - Buy Season Passes here

3) Tickets for all regular season contests are $7.00

4) To purchase individual tickets for the football game or any events this year use this link- 

Buy Individual Tickets

5) Cash will be accepted at all Riverside events.

Please reach out to the Athletic Office if you have any questions- 703-554-8910.

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