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Rams Athletics

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Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Team News.

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 3:34PM

Equipment Collection 5/20

Greetings Riverside Lacrosse,

I hope you all have stayed safe during this time of uncertainty. We are now ready to start the process of collecting all issued gear. We are the pilot school in LCPS for this and are grateful for the opportunity to show how organized and efficient we can be at this process. Your help during this will be critical.

Our pick-up time for Boys Lacrosse is between 9-10am next Wednesday 5/20. We are only allowed 1 hour, so please be on time and ready. It is extremely important that you are there during that time. This is mandatory for ALL PLAYERS.

You will be returning any and all issued gear and equipment. This includes: UA (Varsity) or Nike (JV) Practice Jersey, Black (Varsity) or Blue (JV) Team Bag, Varsity Blue Team Jacket, 2 JV Helmets (Grey and White R), 3 Varsity Helmets (White S, Grey and Blue R), as well as any other equipment that was issued to you.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • You will drive your vehicle to the road behind Riverside High School (Off Charlena Beth).
  • You will proceed behind the building and to the side access road (BEMS side…there will be signs).
  • You will be stopped at the beginning of the access road and asked the following:
    • How have you been? 
    • Spring Athlete?
    • Senior?
  • Once you answer these questions, you will be given directions on what to do next.
  • Please make sure all uniforms are freshly washed and equipment is cleaned and ready to hand back. 
  • Show your equipment and uniforms to your coach and/or school staff on site.  You should remain at your vehicle for this.   
  • After confirmation from coach and/or school staff, you will place everything in the specific team bag or bin on site for your team. 

Please have your uniforms and equipment ready in the car to SHOW US (you will hold it up so we see it). Have it on your LAP.   We really do not want you to be digging through your car/backpack when you pull up. There will be a very long line of cars behind you.

Seniors, you will be dropping off your gear first, then proceeding to pick up your cap and gown. They will not issue you your cap and gown unless you have returned all gear.

School staff will be wearing appropriate facial masks and gloves.  We ask for your cooperation in having all uniforms and equipment clean and ready to turn in quickly.  We obviously need to get through 500 athletes and 466 Seniors quickly and in a safe manner. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation, ALL IN!

-Coach Worek
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