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Rams Athletics

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Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

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Posted 2.0 years ago @ 2:59PM

Season Passes, NFHS Network, Raising Money for your athletic team

Hello Riverside Parents and Students, 

This email contains important athletic updates as we head into this school year regarding:

  • Season Passes
  • Opportunities to make money for your team
  • Concession and ticket taking opportunities
  • NFHS Network


Season passes are on sale again this year for all home regular season athletic contests at Riverside.  This is a great savings for families who attend multiple athletic events throughout the school year; therefore, the large majority of our families and community take advantage of this opportunity.  With games starting in the next week or two, we encourage everyone to purchase those season tickets now.

  • Individual game tickets cost $7 per person this year in LCPS.


Season passes are on sale with different options:

  • $290 (includes $40 booster club membership)—the most popular option
  • $250 (family season pass only)
  • $40 (booster club membership only; no season pass)
  • $125 (adult individual season pass)
  • $100 (LCPS student individual season pass)

People under six years old and over 62 years old do not need to purchase a ticket or a season pass, as their admission is free in LCPS. 


How do I purchase a season pass?

Differently than years past, season passes are only available for purchase online through (search Riverside High School Leesburg, VA).  You’ll see the passes for sale by clicking on “See All Passes.”   Those five purchase options are available at that location.    You will attach different family members’ email addresses/ transferring the passes to those family members after purchasing the Season Pass for the Family Member.

One important note at each game—you will still need to claim a ticket for each game you attend.  The cost will be $0 since you will have already purchased a season pass. 

There are no longer any plastic cards for season pass holders.  Instead, these passes are entirely digital. 


An instructional flier is also attached to this email. 



Tickets cost $7 per person per event in LCPS.  Tickets will still be purchased online through TicketSpicket.Com in LCPS.  Cash options are available at the gate, although we expect that Ticket Spicket options will be much quicker for entry than the cash option. 




The Riverside Athletic Booster Club has tremendous opportunities to raise money for your team.  By selling a sponsorship banner, 100% of the banner profit goes directly to the team of your choosing.  If you own a business, work for a business, have a lead with a business, please consider selling this advertising opportunity with banner sponsorship at our athletic venues.  The banner sponsorship program is available at  Make the connection with the business, then connect the business with the athletic office, and we’ll take it from there.  This is a great way for teams to fundraise, and for parents to help those teams.




The booster club additionally funds athletic teams by giving money back for every concession and ticket volunteer.  The “Volunteer Sign Up” is available at RiversideRams.Net.  We’ll ask each parent to sign up twice throughout the fall to work in the concession stand and help at the ticket gate for particular games.  Over $100 is given each night to teams for their parents’ volunteered times.  Please sign up online to work so we can open our concession stand at each athletic contest.  




You can always  make a tax deductible donation to the athletic booster club (feel free to designate that to a certain team).  Three ways to donate:  1. Venmo: @Go_Rams, 2. PayPal:, 3. Mail at check made payable to the “Riverside Athletic Booster Club” to 19019 Upper Belmont Place Leesburg, VA 20176.




LCPS and Riverside continues its partnership with the NFHS Network to broadcast our Rams athletic events LIVE.  That means that if you or family members can’t make it to the game, the live action can be watched from anywhere on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.  Anyone with a subscription can watch any of our athletic contests.  By subscribing to the NFHS Network you get full access to all content on the network for our school and any other broadcast nationwide!  Subscribing is easy: 1. Go to  2.  Enter “Riverside High School—Leesburg, VA” in the search box.  3. Click “Follow” so you can stay up to date on all upcoming Rams broadcasted events.  4. Click “Subscribe” for all subscription options for our school.  This subscription is made with the NFHS Network, not LCPS.  The subscription can be monthly or annual.  Note that the subscription allows viewing for any game on the NFHS Network in the country, as well as all main gyms, stadiums, most baseball fields, and most softball fields in LCPS. 


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