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Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 9:32AM by Kristan Ash

Riverside GIRLS Lacrosse Transportation UPDATE for TODAY

Riverside Girls Lacrosse,


Scrimmage Week continues TONIGHT…SCRIMMAGE #2 a.k.a the Stone Bridge SHUFFLE based on the new transportation plan that has been approved.  We are opting to shuttle the JV and Varsity Teams back and forth to Stone Bridge to avoid players hanging around waiting in the cold weather expected at game time.


5pm:  JV bus departs

5pm:  Varsity Team report to TEAM ROOM

Bus drops off JV and turns back around fro RVH

5:45pm: Varsity boards bus

5:45-6pm: Varsity departs for SB

6pm:  JV Scrimmage vs Stone Bridge

7pm:  Varsity Scrimmage vs Stone Bridge

7ish:  JV shuttles back to RVH 

Bus drops off JV and turns back around for Stone Bridge

8:15pm:  Bus picks up Varsity at Stone Bridge


Please read and understand the transportation updates carefully; we need to all be prepared and ON TIME to make this work. Even with the adjusted transportation plan it will be cold, bring on the layers!



Team News

1 week ago @ 3:40PM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Team Store is OPEN!


Here we have been very patient and the link to the team store is complete! Couple things I would like to draw your attention to:

  • The store will close on March 18th, items in hand by April 2nd
  • gRAMparent tshirt:  we all ordered this item directly from our wonderful Mrs Gabaldon, Riverside Lacrosse DOES NOT NEED TO ORDER TSHIRTS AGAIN ON THE TEAM STORE.  This team store link will go to other teams who might want a gRAMparent shirt for their athletes and that is why it is on our online store. 
  • Click on each item in the gear store to see the variety of colors.  Most items are available in our 3 flagship colors.
  • There are 2 links; one is for the gear store.  The second link is for a Riverside Girls Lacrosse blanket. 
  • Team backpack order is attached as a flyer.  We have to order those separately.  These are not mandatory, but we are doing a quick turn on these so we need your complete order and check by tomorrow at the Stone Bridge scrimmage.
  • MANDATORY ITEM:  The white long sleeve performance tshirt is our game day shooter.  PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU ORDER THIS ITEM.  We are only making one item mandatory so please be sure that you order it:)



BACKPACKS:  Flyer attached

Happy shopping!

#GOgetIT  #RAMSshopTILtheyDROP


Team News

2 weeks ago @ 11:07AM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Weekly Update: Week of March 5th


We are headed into SCRIMMAGE Week 2018!  Very exciting as we prep for the first opportunities to take the field as a team this season; and much work to be done between now and Wednesday.  We lost training this Friday/Saturday and we are doubling down our training efforts Monday and Tuesday.  This is a week that we will use every scheduled training minute that we have available.

Training Monday/Tuesday is on the practice turf right after school 4:15pm until 6pm.  Preparation is key: always come with cleats/running shoes/layers/reversible pinnie.  Lack of preparation will get you a direct invite to After School Club on Thursday.  

Wednesday: Scrimmages vs Oakton at HOME 

Thursday: Team Training 6:30am-8am STADIUM

Friday:  Scrimmages vs Stone Bridge AWAY 

Saturday:  VARSITY Team Training 8am-10am STADIUM

**PLEASE NOTE**  In an effort to support the Riverside High School attendance policy, we will be holding "AFTER SCHOOL CLUB" on Thursdays at 4:15pm for all players who are late to school/unexcused during the week.  This will be a conditioning session.  Players, preserve your one afternoon without training by getting to school on time!

Team Store:  Look for the link in the next day.  We have 2 team stores with a wide variety of products.  

gRAMparents GEAR:  The order form for the adorable gRAMparent tshirts is uploaded to our site.  Please contact Mrs. Gabaldon directly with questions/order.  Let's make sure that all of our most special fans have this awesome gear, thank you Mrs Gabaldon!

Lanyards:  Once again, Mrs Connolly crushes the lanyard game for our parents and players!  Please let us know if you need assistance ordering the lanyard.  Details are also available on the site.  Thanks so much Mrs Connolly!

Game Day Meals:  Mrs Lutz and Mrs Kim have put a lot of elbow grease behind this project and players will have the opportunity to select exactly what they want and for which games they would like to order a meal.  

Enjoy your Sunday and be rested and ready to roll this week!


Team News

3 weeks ago @ 6:42AM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Tryout 2018 Wrap Up


Thank you all for a great year 3 TRYOUT WEEK!  We survived snow, rain, windburn and were rewarded with a brief glimpse of the sun and 70 degrees on one day at least.  You were troopers and we appreciate your dedication and team spirit!

We finalized teams last night, held player meetings and look forward to putting STRONG JV and VARSITY Teams on the field this spring.  

Schedule for the remainder of the week:

  • Friday February 23rd:  4:15pm to dark, training for the entire program on the practice turf
  • Saturday February 24th:  VARSITY Team Training 8am-10am STADIUM followed by locker/uniform distribution
  • Saturday February 24th:  10am JV locker/uniform distribution

And just like that, we are back to work!  Year 3 here we go...


Team News

1 month ago @ 5:35PM by Kristan Ash

RIverside Girls Lacrosse ASHBURN Evaluations Rescheduled


Update on our partnership with Ashburn Youth Lacrosse and their rescheduled Spring Evaluations:

Ashburn Youth Lacrosse is rescheduling evaluations for THIS week and we are looking for volunteers to assist in the process. 

Thursday, February 15th 5pm to 6:30pm at Evergreen SportsPlex

​Friday February 16th 5pm to 6:30pm at Evergreen SportsPlex

​The Friday session conflicts with our Tryout Meeting, so we are moving the Tryout Meeting to 8:30am on Friday morning so that we can support our friends at Ashburn Lacrosse.  Please make this adjustment to your schedules!


Team News

1 month ago @ 4:26PM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse: Weekly Update February 12th


Today begins our scheduled VHSL Dead Period, and as such we are not allowed to do anything sport specific with our players, but we will use the week prior to tryouts to meet/set expectations for tryouts.  We are full steam ahead starting this Friday.

Friday, February 16th 4:20pm:  PLAYER Tryout Meeting.  We will collect any outstanding paperwork, discuss tryout expectations and answer all questions.  Meet in Coach Benson's classroom.  Expect this meeting to last about 45 minutes.

Countdown is ON!

Team News

1 month ago @ 3:50PM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Green Day UPDATE for February 8th


We are getting this message out early so that you are not dragging along additional Green Day gear to morning training; we are canceling our Green Day tomorrow due to the predicted wind.  Combined with temps in the 30s, we are looking at a less than optimal training environment.  

**NOTE: we are on for SPEED/POWER tomorrow unless there is an LCPS weather delay/cancellation**

Enjoy the rest of your "snow day"!


Team News

1 month ago @ 7:37PM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse: Mid Week Update


Almost another week in the books bringing us THAT much closer to Tryouts 2018!  We can tell you are getting ready by the increasing numbers at our Tuesday/Thursday SPEED/POWER morning sessions...maybe you just love to inchworm?  Either way, we are glad to have you training with the program preseason!


  • Green Day tomorrow February 1st:  training is in the stadium starting at 4:20pm.  There is weather predicted into the evening hours, so plan to wrap up at 5:45pm.
  • RAMS BLUE BOX Team:  the BLUE Team is on a bye this weekend
  • RAMS WHITE BOX Team:  1pm game v Dominion
  • RAMS VARSITY BOX:  as the first seed, we drew the 3pm game against the 8 seed
  • Unfortunately the Ashburn Youth Evaluations were canceled last weekend due to rain.  Stay tuned for a makeup date.

Finish the week strong and obviously GO EAGLES this weekend in Super Bowl action:)


Team News

2 months ago @ 8:38PM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Ashburn Lacrosse Tryouts


Reminder that the Ashburn Youth Lacrosse Tryouts are this weekend and we are helping run the drills/stations.  Please reply to me directly if you are interested in coaching, volunteer hours will be given for participation.

Ashburn Tryouts:

  • Saturday January 20th, 12pm-3pm Evergreen SportsPlex
  • ​Help needed: run drill stations so the coaches can evaluate players
  • WHO:  sophomores, juniors and seniors

Just another way to #CONNECT


Team News

2 months ago @ 9:38AM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Update: Week of January 15th

Good morning RAMS,

Hope you are enjoying an extended weekend over the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday!

Last week we kicked off our SPEED/POWER Series and we feel like we are off to a solid start with some sport specific targeted training in the weight room and the gym.  Reminder that this is the best preparation for the season and there is no cost to participate, looking forward to seeing the entire program in attendance.

We are back in action this week on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45am for SPEED/POWER and also Thursday for Green Day in the STADIUM at 4:15 until 6pm.

TRYOUT UPDATE:  We handed out the tryout schedule at our interest meeting last Thursday.  The doc is also posted on our Riversiderams site.  PLEASE note one small time adjustment to DAY ONE:  our sessions will be 8am to 10am and 12pm to 3pm.  We apologize for the slight change, but we are working with the Athletic Department as they schedule tryouts across all spring sports.

How will you choose to #CONNECT with us this week?


Team News

2 months ago @ 4:48PM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse SPEED/POWER Starts TOMORROW 6:45am!

Riverside Girls Lacrosse,

We are just about 6 weeks away from Tryout 2018!  This is a very exciting year for our program from a growth perspective as we welcome a strong 2021 class to our program.  Preseason training is a critical ingredient for a successful program; the 6 weeks leading up to tryouts allow players to work together and CONNECT while building strength, speed and sport specific agility skills.  Over the next 6 weeks, our coaching staff will conduct SPEED/POWER Training for the entire program on Tuesday/Thursday mornings from 6:45am to 8am at Riverside. We encourage all players that are planning to tryout for our 2018 JV and Varsity Teams to commit to preseason training and get stronger and faster TOGETHER. 

FOR EACH SESSION:  All players should report to the Riverside Weight Room in training gear wearing running shoes and prepared for indoor/outdoor activities with layers.  Please be sure to eat something for breakfast prior to training.  The PE Locker Room will be open to all players following training so they can shower prior to school.


WEATHER/SCHOOL CLOSING/DELAY:  This seems to be a thing right now:)  If school is cancelled/delayed we will NOT have our morning session.  We will tweet and message through TeamSnap and if we are cancelled.

Tomorrow, Tuesday January 9th is our SPEED/POWER kick off.  We look forward to seeing EVERYONE at 6:45am.  



Team News

2 months ago @ 10:07AM by Kristan Ash

Riverside Girls Lacrosse Weekly Update: PHASE II

The Holiday Break has been a BUSY time for our ambitious crew of RAMS!  In 2 short weeks you have hosted a youth clinic for 25 aspiring young lacrosse players, competed in BOX games, spent countless hours on the wall AND attended camps and clinics up and down the east coast...very proud of you!  As New Years Eve rolls in and we swap the calendar over to 2018, take some time to enjoy your family and friends and celebrate the New Year SAFELY. 

WHAT'S UP NEXT:  We look forward to seeing everyone back at Riverside for the start of classes on January 2nd.  We have designed PHASE II to start on January 9th so that our student athletes have the first week to get back in the swing of academics.  PHASE II will be handled in house by our coaching team and will follow our regular speed/lift schedule on Tuesday/Thursday 6:45am to 8am for 6 weeks, January 9th through February 12th.  Please make note that Rierside gear is required for all sessions and we have a HARD start time at 6:45am, any late athletes cannot train. 

ASHBURN LACROSSE:  We continue to love our relationship with Ashburn Youth Lacrosse and are excited to have an opportunity to participate in their Spring Tryouts for 2018.  We will need upperclassmen to volunteer for tryout sessions on the dates below.  We will give volunteer hours for this amazing chance to share the game.

  • January 20th:  12pm to 3pm
  • January 28th:  2pm to 5pm

Happy New Year and see you at BOX this weekend!  

Team News

3 months ago @ 10:22AM by Kristan Ash

Winter Box League at Dulles SportsPlex: Action Required

Good morning RAMS,

Dulles SportsPlex has released the registration links for our teams, and just in the nick of time, since games for JV start this weekend...nothing like a QUICK START!

Our sophomore class will play in the JV division as the Riverside White Team.  If you played JV for the 2017 season and are a sophomore, please register for the White Team using this registration LINK:

Our freshman class will play in the JV division as the Riverside BLUE Team.  If you are a freshman, please register for the BLUE Team using this registration LINK:

Our returning Varsity Team will play in the Varsity division as the Riverside Varsity BLUE Team.  If you are a returning Varsity player, please register for the Varsity Team using this registration LINK:

Thanks you all an see you this weekend!


Team News

1 month ago @ 9:40AM

Riverside Girls Lacrosse BOX and Ashburn Eval Tomorrow

Good morning RAMS! Flexibility wins the day tomorrow:). Dulles SportsPlex still has us on schedule for/ Riverside WHITE: 1pm v Herndon Riverside BLUE: 5pm v Woodgrove Ashburn Youth Lacrosse has their final eval date tomorrow from 2pm - 5pm at Evergreen. Please come help at evals if you can even for a little bit! See you all tomorrow at one event or the other! #flexible #CONNECT

Team News

1 month ago @ 9:32AM

BOX Update and Volunteer Opportunity TOMORROW!

Good morning RAMS! Flexibility wins the day tomorrow:). Dulles SportsPlex still has us on schedule for 3pm tomorrow so let's plan on it unless we hear otherwise! I will keep you updated as I text with DSP. Ashburn Youth Lacrosse has their final eval date tomorrow from 2pm - 5pm at Evergreen. If Broad Run forfeits, we would love to all hands on deck to volunteer at the youth evaluation. See you all tomorrow at one event or the other! #flexible #CONNECT

Team News

2 months ago @ 10:17PM

Riverside Girls Lacrosse SPEED/POWER cancelled for tomorrow

RAMS, 2 hour delay = cancelled SPEED/POWER for tomorrow morning. Thursday is now DAY ONE! #betterLATEthanNEVER
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