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Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Team News.

Team News

3 months ago @ 1:02PM

TRYOUT 2019 Updated Schedule

Inquiring minds...we have all the answers you need right here in this little message, read on...

Thursday:  The melt down is ON and we are ON THE TURF tonight, 5:45pm to 7:15pm.  Arrive by 5:35pm


  • 6:45am STADIUM Final tryout
  • 4:10pm Athletic Hallway, conference room, Team Announcement Meetings
  • FRIDAY NIGHT: Boys Basketball!

This will wrap up TRYOUT 2019, see you all tonight in the STADIUM!


Team News

3 months ago @ 8:26PM

Thursday Tryout Update

Tryout Update for Thursday


Good evening RAMS,

We know that you are all looking for information about tomorrow and we are able to give you a couple possible scenarios.  PLEASE continue to check your email, the TeamSnap will be up to the minute:

If school is cancelled:  we are cancelled

If school is cancelled with afternoon activities ON:  we will follow a modified schedule that the athletic department will navigate tomorrow

If we have a 2 hour delay ONLY:  NO morning session and one of 2 options are possible:

  • If the turf is playable we are outside 5:45pm to 7:30pm
  • IF the turf is not playable we are inside from 6:15pm to 8:15pm

Lot's of ready for anything!

Team News

4 months ago @ 6:02PM

Riverside Girls Lacrosse: Thursday UPDATE


The weather is continuing to get more exciting...temperatures are dropping, winds are picking up and we are evolving our training plan for tomorrow in advance of what may happen with LCPS.

GIRL POWER is moving to AFTER SCHOOL, 4:15pm-5:15pm in the weight room and will take the place of our Green Day Training originally scheduled for outside tomorrow.   No lifting at 6:30am, lifting will be immediately after school at 4:15pm instead of Green Day.


Team News

4 months ago @ 12:42AM by KASH

Riverside GIRLS Lacrosse: Weekly Update


Kicking off another week of preseason activity and we are seeing lots of activity from players, yesterday at CGLL with 2 strong TEAM performances and today with players taking the initiative to complete the run challenge on TeamBuilder.  Great work!

GIRL POWER:  Reminder that if we have an LCPS delay, we will NOT have lifting. As of this email at 12:40AM we are open on time and look forward to seeing you all in the weightroom.  IF anything changes we will send a TeamSnap.  Please check the news before leaving for lifting. 

CGLL:  Please be sure that you check the updated calendar for CGLL rescheduled games.  TeamSnap is updated as well as the CGLL site,

RUN Challenge ADDED to TeamBuilder:  We encourage you to take necessary steps to come to tryouts in shape.  We do not have the luxury of spending a month getting you back into field condition.  Coach Kirkland added a self guided running component to pre season training.  USE it.  #KIRKLANDdontMESSaround

Green Day:  We have had a tough go with weather recently on Green Days; this Thursday looks sunny and cold.  We will do everything we can to keep the remaining couple Green Days on the pre season calendar.

Thank you:  Very proud of our program for the dedication you all show to SERVE and share the game.  The Ashburn Eval yesterday is another incredible example of how our RAMS give back every chance you get.  We will continue to assist Ashburn THIS SATURDAY with evals, please text me your availability. Schedule is below:

1 pm - 4pm @ Evergreen Sportsplex (Field 3)

    1-2 pm Girls G7/8 G5/6

    2-3 pm Girls 3/4

    3-4 pm Girls K-2 

See you tomorrow!

Team News

5 months ago @ 1:13PM by KASH

Happy New Year and the Week Ahead


2019 is HERE!  Happy New Year's Day to our entire program and every one of the wonderful families that reps Riverside Girl's Lacrosse, this is OUR year!  This year Riverside High School celebrates our 1st class of 4 year "SEN19RS"!  

We are emerging from a wonderful holiday break rested, renewed and ready to ROLL!  This week our program has several opportunities to GET BETTER, please add them to your family calendar and COMMIT to making this pre season your strongest ever.  The little things you do now will make a huge difference in 2 months.

THURSDAY:  GIRL POWER 6:30am Weight Room

THURSDAY:  Green Day Training, 4:20pm-6pm STADIUM

THURSDAY:  Holiday Gift Exchange immediately following Green Day, Deli Italiano in Lansdowne 6pm-7pm

SUNDAY:  CGLL games at DSP

Enjoy this New Year's Day!
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