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Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

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1 month ago @ 10:03AM

Riverside Athletic Update--October 30

Riverside Athletes and Parents,


We hope that everyone is doing well.  This communication provides some updates and reminders concerning athletics this school year. 


The VHSL and LCPS continue to plan to hold athletic seasons this school year.    Start dates for each season:


Basketball—December 7

Gymnastics, Swimming, Wrestling—December 14

Competition Cheerleading, Football—February 4

Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Volleyball—February 15

All Spring Sports—April 12


**LCPS athletics are scheduled to compete against only LCPS teams this school year.  Some sports contests may look slightly different than normal, as most invitational/large team events (ex, wrestling, gymnastics, cheer, cross country, track) will be replaced with smaller two, three, or four teams events**


**Please turn in the required VHSL physical and complete the online athletic paperwork now in order to be prepared for every athletic season.  Instructions are posted on RiversideRams.Net under “Required forms for Participation.”  Athletic physicals can be scanned and emailed to**




A more detailed message may be coming in the next day or so from the LCPS Public Information Office, but a couple important items of note regarding contests/games in LCPS:


  1. Although no spectators will be in attendance, LCPS is excited to announce our partnership with the NFHS Network where fans can watch all Riverside athletic contests in our campus stadiums and gyms.  All LCPS schools will have the NFHS Network capabilities, so you can watch home and away contests within LCPS.  Riverside staff will be working in the next couple of weeks to provide more specifics about how to register ($10.99 monthly or $69.99 annually).  We’ll send out more detailed information in the next few weeks about the NFHS Network.  Feel free to visit in the meantime to get a brief overview. 


We look forward to seeing all of our athletes back soon and are excited for the official beginning of athletics on December 7. 



Thank you!

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