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Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

Rams Athletics

Riverside High School

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2 weeks ago @ 3:09PM


Spring Athletes and Parents, 

You'll see Mr. Anderson mass email below.  VERY IMPORTANT that ALL SPRING ATHLETES return their uniforms and equipment at the below specified time.  You'll remain in your car for this.  You'll have your uniforms immediately ready to show your coach before turning in.  Please don't pull up and then have to dig through your vehicle to turn this in.  Again, please have everything ready and follow traffic signage and instructions from staff on-site.  

We do know that some uniforms and equipment were in the athletic lockers.  Each program head coach will have a list by Friday evening with what athletes had gear in their lockers, so please double check with the head varsity coach if you have a question.  

Team pictures are in and will be quickly handed to you if you purchased, as well as track and field ordered items.  Again, come during your below scheduled time.  

Thank you for your cooperation with this important task and we hope everyone is safe and healthy.  


Hello Riverside,

We have been given the greenlight to be the test pilot school in Dropping-Off Spring Sports Uniforms (All Grade Levels)  and Distributing Senior Cap-N-Gowns.  This is a “Drive Through” event where you will stay in your car…imagine you are going to Chick-Fil-A :)  See attached map for driving details. 

Here are the details:  

We are going to give this a go on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 between the hours of 8:00am and 1:00pm. (RAIN DATE: Thursday, May 21, 2020-same hours)

  • Spring Athlete Uniform Drop Off  (All Grades…if you are a Senior, please follow your Sport time to turn in your uniforms and pick up senior items )—you are to follow the schedule outlined below.
  • Senior (Non-spring athletes) Cap-N-Gown Pick Up—you may come up anytime between 8:00 am and 1:00pm.  

If you cannot pick up your cap-n-gown yourself, please click the link below and fill out and tell us who is picking up your materials. All Need ID.

Athletic Uniform Drop-Off (All Grade Levels) Times:

  • Softball and Baseball:  8-9 am 
  • Boys Lacrosse: 9-10am 
  • Girls  Lacrosse:  10-11 am 
  • Girls and Boys Soccer  11am-12 Noon 
  • Girls and Boys Track and Field Noon-1pm


Seniors & Spring Athletes, please follow these guidelines:

  • You will drive your vehicle to the road  behind Riverside High School (Off Charlena Beth).
  • You will proceed behind the building and to the side access road (BEMS side…there will be signs).
  • You will be stopped at the beginning of the access road and asked the following:
    • Spring Athlete?
    • Senior?
  • Once you answer these questions, you will be given directions on what to do next.
  • Please make sure all uniforms are freshly washed and equipment is cleaned and ready to hand back. 
  • Show your equipment and uniforms to your coach and/or school staff on site.  You should remain at your vehicle for this.   
  • After confirmation from coach and/or school staff, you will place everything in the specific team bag or bin on site for your team. 

School staff will wearing appropriate facial masks and gloves.  We ask for your cooperation in having all uniforms and equipment clean and ready to turn in quickly.  We obviously need to get through 500 athletes and 466 Seniors quickly and in a safe manner. 


Look forward to seeing you! 

RVHAthleticsReturnsCapandGownPickup2020.pdf (549.9 KB)

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